Payment Options

Monthly Payment Plan Option

Easy – flexibile – avoid price increases – all RISK-FREE!

Just $13/month for a single piano on an annual schedule, or $25.75 for 2 tunings/year (e.g., a single piano on a 6 month schedule or 2 pianos on an annual schedule, or a gift piano tuning for your piano and a friend’s).

Automatically charged to your card or account through PayPal. If your piano is on a schedule to be tuned every 6 months, select the Premium Plan option below.

Benefits of subscribing:

–          Low monthly payments instead of a large lump sum for a tuning

–          20% discount on labor for repairs while active on the Premium Plan

–          Savings for additional pianos if you have more than one

–          Flexibility to have your piano tuned sooner (see Terms and Conditions below)

–          We will contact you when your next tuning is paid for and it is time to schedule your tuning.

–         No risk – you may cancel at any time. If you have a credit balance toward services we have not provided, we’ll refund the balance.

Our goal is to make piano tuning easy and affordable, so you can enjoy beautiful music without stressing about how to come up with that lump sum each time your piano needs tuning.

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Tuning Schedule Options

Terms and conditions:

1.       “We” refers to Geist Piano Tuning, sole proprietorship of John Geist. “You” refers to you the customer. The terms and conditions herein constitute a contract between Geist Piano Tuning and the Customer.

2.       The Monthly Payment Plan is a subscription-type recurring monthly charge offered by Geist Piano Tuning, with 2 options: Basic or Premium. When you subscribe, you are agreeing according to these terms and conditions.

3.       You are agreeing to have a monthly recurring charge made against your account in the amount you select when choosing your Monthly Payment Plan.

4.       You are agreeing to completing payments over 12 months for tuning services provided by Geist Piano Tuning.

5.       You may cancel at any time.

6.      If you cancel and have a credit balance toward services we have not provided, we’ll refund the balance or you may opt to save it as credit towards your next tuning.

7.       If you schedule a tuning prior to your tuning being fully paid for through the Monthly Payment Plan, then you must pay the remaining discounted balance of the tuning (per the plan you select) in a lump sum at the time of tuning. Your tuning schedule for your plan then resets to the anniversary of the tuning you just had. 

8.   There are geographical limitations to this offer, since the tuner must travel to your site. If you are within roughly 35 miles radius from San Rafael, we should be able to accommodate you. We also tune 1-2 times per year in the Tracy/Modesto area. If you are unsure about whether we can accommodate you due to your location, please contact us to discuss.

9.   You will receive a 20% discount on the regular labor cost of repairs while your Monthly Payment Plan is active.

Terms and conditions may change. We will notify all subscribers if we need to modify anything about the agreement so you can make an informed decision about continuing.

We would also love your feedback about how the plan works for you. Phone 415-491-0818 or Email us.

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